Shuya Okino 10 Track Mix for SunSplash


An exclusive 10 Track selection for SunSplash to get you into the mood for our June 2015 festival. In true Okino style, this is a jazzy selection of party music, house and disco including tracks from The Jammers, Sause81, Daniel Leseman and Johnny Hammond.

Shuya Okino is a DJ and artist. He’s also a creative director, founder and promoter for Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival, writer, music critic, innovator of sound branding and producer of The Room, Shibuya which Shuya opened more than 20 years ago and which remains central to the dance scene in Japan.

When Shuya Okino released ECLIPSE as KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE it became the first Japanese record to be charted No.1 on BBC Radio One’s Zubb Chart for 3 weeks. The sales of albums which he has been involved in since totals over 4 million copies.