Detroit Swindle

Detroit Swindle (Amsterdam)


Detroit Swindle was formed in 2011 by Lars Dales (1981) and Maarten Smeets (1982). It all started after Lars – who was programming a few nightclubs in Amsterdam – had to fire Maarten for playing too much underground music. They started talking and found out they had a mutual love for Motown, hip-hop and early house music. Not long after, they started making music together and the rest as they say, is history.

When trying to define their ‘success’, it’s hard to pin it down to just one thing. Perhaps it’s their talent to find that typical groove that has been so widely acclaimed. Or maybe it’s their ability to connect musical styles spanning over more than 5 decades (and continents) into their sets and productions in such a way that you’re always curious to hear what comes next.

Apart from their own label, Heist Recordings, Detroit Swindle have released music on renowned labels like Freerange, Future Classics, Dirt Crew (where they released their well received debut album ‘Boxed Out’), Tsuba, Classic Music Company, Kaoz Theory and many more. This includes notable remixes for Hercules and Love Affair, Chet Faker, Seven Davis Jr. and Romanthony’s track ‘Too Long’ produced by Daft Punk.


2011’de bir araya gelen Lars Dales ve Maarten Smeets’den oluşan Amsterdam kökenli Detroit Swindle; Motown, hip-hop, ve erken house müziği etkileri ile oluşturdukları özgün bir sound’a sahip. Başarılarını tek bir faktöre bağlamak zor ama farklı müzik türlerini, dönemlerini ve coğrafyaları bir araya getirmekteki yetenekleri tartışılmaz.

Kendi plak label’ları olan Heist Recordings’den başka Freerange, Future Classics, Dirt Crew, Tsuba, Classic Music Company, Kaoz Theory gibi birçok şirketten müzik yayınladılar. Hercules and Love Affair, Chet Faker, Seven Davis Jr. ve Daft Punk prodüksiyonu ile yayınlanan Romanthony parçası ‘Too Long’ için yaptıkları remixler yakın zaman çalışmalarının bazıları…