Daymé Arocena (Cuba)


Singer, composer, arranger, choir director and band leader, Daymé Arocena at only 24 years of age, has made an impression in Cuban music. She has been performing semi-professionally since the age of 8, and became lead singer with the big band Los Primos at 14. Her diverse musical talents have already taken her fast into broader territories. Dressed always in white she is visibly involved in induction into the Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria. Daymé is the “daughter of two waters”. Yemaya (the mistress of salt waters) and Ochun (of freshwater) are her spiritual mothers, and she consults them on all decisions in her life.

Growing up with a diverse education, Daymé’s parents sought out the perfect instrument through which their daughter’s talent could blossom. “I didn’t have the right hands for a piano or lips for a trumpet.” Yet she has sung all her life and recalls her four-year old self performing on every block in her neighbourhood. ‘Fun stuff,’ she says, ‘wearing crazy dresses and singing like a rumbera.” She began conducting the school choir, and with that, her voice became her instrument.

As well as being a fan of Erykah Badu and Gil Scott Heron, Daymé loves Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. “But the first jazz singer I really liked was Ella because she got me crazy when I listened to her scatting.”

It was not long before Daymé came to the attention of François Renié, Communications Director at Cuban rum maker Havana Club and founder of the Havana Cultura* platform, which co-produced the Havana Cultura album series with Brownswood Recordings. He recalls “Gilles Peterson and I met Dayme for the first time on Gilles’ first trip to Cuba, with Edrey [from Grammy nominated Cuba band Ogguere] improvising a rumba session at a friends place. She started to sing and we were amazed. She was just a teenager”.

Seeing huge potential in her, Gilles invited her to London to perform at the album launch event. Daymé enchanted the packed out audience, and a solo Brownswood Recordings and Havana Cultura project ensued. The announcement brought out a loud, rich, infectious laugh instantly recognizable as Dayme’s deep and chocolaty voice. “My first record, here,” she squeals. “It’s a crazy dream.”

With the success of her debut EP “Nueva Era” in 2015, one year on, Daymé is ready to release her new project, “One Takes” a collection of songs curated by Gilles Peterson. Alongside the release of the new record, Brownswood are delighted to announce Daymé’s tour this 2016. Daymé will play in New York, Miami, Philadelphia and at SXSW in Austin, Texas and also play in Europe: Switzerland, Brussels, Paris, Rome and Milan, in support of her new album Havana Club Rumba. The gigs will showcase both the talent of Daymé and a screening of the new feature length documentary film, Havana Club Rumba Sessions : La Clave in which Daymé features alongside Gilles Peterson as they present the roots of rumba in Cuba.


Şarkıcı, besteci, aranjör, koro şefi ve grup lideri Dayme Arocena sadece 24 yaşında Cuba müziğinde haklı bir yer edindi. Yarı profesyonel olarak 8 yaşından beri sahnelerde olan Dayme, 14 yaşında Los Pimos Big Band’in ana vokalisti oldu. Bir Afro-Cuban inanışı olan “Santeria” mensubu olan Dayme, “iki suyun kızı”… Yemeya (tuzlu su) ve Ochun (tatlı su) onun ruhani anaları ve tüm kararlarında etkililer.

Erykah Badu ve Gil Scott Heron hayranı olan Dayme, Billie Holiday ve Ella Fitzgerald’dan da ilham aldı.
Brownswood Records patronu Gilles Peterson tarafından keşfedilen ve debut albümü Nueva Era EP ile büyük başarı elde eden Dayme, bugünlerde yeni albümü Havana Club Rumba tanıtımı için dünya turnesinde. New York, Miami, Philadelphia, SXSW Texas, İsviçre, Brüksel, Paris, Roma ve Milano’dan sonra ilk defa Türkiye’de!