Daudi Matsiko

Daudi Matsiko (United Kingdom / Uganda)


Huntingdon is not famous for much. It was the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell and its local MP for many years was former Prime Minister John Major. Unlikelier still that the extraordinary songwriting talents of Daudi Matsiko (his name is pronounced ‘dowdy’) were nurtured in nearby Ramsey. Yet Daudi’s roots were somewhat further than Ramsey, his parents moving over from Uganda in the early 1980s.

Daudi Matsiko has been playing music since he was eight years old. Firstly on piano and then guitar. He’s been writing songs since he was a teenager and although he’s still young, they speak of experience and trauma and gathered wisdom, and having suffered mental health problems in the past, has used his music as a crucial salve in times of strife and stress. He was lucky to grow up among a strong community of musicians and many of his Cambridgeshire buddies played on his breakthrough EP A Brief Introduction To Failure.

After a break, Daudi began to gig again in the summer of 2012 and attributes his live shows in and around Nottingham with building his confidence. His last EP was supported by Gilles Peterson and helped bring him to a wider audience. His influences run the gamut, from The Mars Volta to Jeff Buckley, Beach Boys to Nick Drake. Plans are afoot for a new EP (working title: The Lingering Effects Of Disconnection). He’s recently signed to Earth Agency. People are talking about him. Things are happening. In all of that, you sense someone with their feet still firmly on the ground. Someone for whom failure is neither friend nor foe. Someone like Daudi Matsiko, in fact.


Daudi Matdiko neredeyse 8 yaşından beri müzikle içiçe yaşıyor. Piyanoyla başlayan müzik hayatı daha sonra gitarı merkez alarak devam etti. Travmalarla geçen gençlik yıllarını müzikle sarıp sarmalayan Matsiko, Cambridgeshire’li dostlarıyla A Brief Introduction To Failure EP’sinde beraber çalma şansı da buldu.